Sunday, December 10, 2023

This Catalyst Could Trigger Bitcoin Explosion to a Six-Figure Price at Neck-Breaking Pace, Says Jack Mallers

The CEO of Lightning Network wallet Strike says one catalyst could trigger a surge for the king crypto that could swiftly see it hit a six-figure price tag.

In a new interview with Fox Business, Jack Mallers says that he envisions Bitcoin (BTC) eventually being worth hundreds of thousands of dollars per coin as the US government continues to mount debt.

“Oh my gosh, this thing is going to hundreds of thousands of dollars per coin. The US government is in so much debt. The way I think about Bitcoin’s price is [it] equals technology plus fiat liquidity, so it’s going to go up because it’s innovative tech and it’s better money.

But what really shoots it up at a neck-breaking pace is when our government is tens of trillions of dollars in debt and has to roll that debt over so they got a lot of money to print and financial assets are going to soar. Bitcoin goes up the most because it’s the hardest to make more of.”

According to Mallers, the government will continue to print money to prop up the economy rather than opt for a hard reset – a move that will cause assets such as stocks, crypto and gold to soar.

“[The government] has a third option, which is unique to [them] – they can print the money that they are missing, and when they print the money that they are missing, they’re stealing from all the people that hold US dollars…

The only way to save yourself is to own not dollars. And that’s when you see things like the S&P 500 and gold and Bitcoin soar. That’s what’s...

source: https://dailyhodl.com/2023/11/20/this-catalyst-could-trigger-bitcoin-explosion-to-a-six-figure-price-at-neck-breaking-pace-says-jack-mallers/