Sunday, March 3, 2024

OFCOM investigates non-compliant consumer and small business ... - Lexology

OFCOM has announced that it is investigating whether BT's subsidiaries EE and Plusnet have failed to comply with new rules intended to provide consumers, small businesses and not-for-profit customers with information they need to help make informed choices about the services they are being offered. OFCOM's action is a reminder to altnets and other broadband providers of the importance of ensuring that your standard terms and conditions and contracting process comply with OFCOM rules on fairness and transparency.


OFCOM introduced new rules in June 2022 which require communication providers to give consumers, micro and small enterprise and non-for profit customers clear and simple information before entering into a binding contract for broadband or mobile services.

This information includes a summary of the main terms of the contract and certain pre-contract information, that help the customer to make an informed decision. The contract summary and contract information should follow a prescribed format and include the specified information and must be provided before the contract is created.

In the case of the contract summary, this should be a one page document, using the specified headings with text in a font size of at least than 10 points, including information on the services, price, duration, renewal and termination, and certain other information. The pre-contract information provides additional information including information on what to do if you have a...

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