Saturday, March 25, 2023

Could This Be the Cheapest Day to Do Your Grocery Shopping? - The Motley Fool

Heading to the grocery store on this day could help you keep your bills down.

Key points

  • Grocery shopping can be expensive, but shopping on certain days of the week could help you save money.
  • Mid-week may be your best bet for heading to the store.

Groceries can be a big monthly expense for many people -- especially as the price of food has gone up in recent months and rising prices may continue into 2023.

If you're tired of spending a fortune on your credit card every time you head to the grocery store, it may be smart to think about what day you do the bulk of your shopping. That's because you may be able to score bigger bargains if you're strategic about when you buy.

More deals may be available on these days

If you want to maximize the chances of paying low prices at the grocery store, shopping mid-week may be the way to go. Specifically, many experts advise shopping on Wednesday and Thursday.

Going to the store during the middle of the week can allow you to get better prices because many stores restock their shelves at this time when their weekly deliveries arrive. If there are items remaining on the shelves that did not sell from the prior week, you may be able to get those at deep discounts.

Since stores are in the process of switching their prices on Wednesdays or Thursdays during restock days, it may also be possible to double dip and get sale prices from both the prior and upcoming week. This can allow you to get more discounted food products.

Many experts also...

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