Thursday, September 28, 2023

Cloud Servers With Unmetered Bandwidth Introduced By HostColor.com

The Cloud hosting service provider HostColor.com (HC) rolled out Cloud Servers with unrestricted data transfer. Users of Private and Public Cloud Servers are not charged for internet traffic.

HostColor.com (HC) rolled out cloud infrastructure services with unrestricted data transfer. Users of the Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Clouds use 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps unmetered internet connectivity with no egress fees for the internet traffic.

"Unlike the major hyper-scalers, that charge their clients per each and every gigabyte of internet traffic, HostColor delivers cloud services under a fair model of using internet traffic and computing resources in general. Our clients, are not overcharged for data transfer per region, "inter region" and other so-called data transfer services," says HostColor's CEO Dimitar Avramov.

HostColor's Public Cloud Servers are used for hosting websites and various software applications that deliver services to the public internet. They are based on VMware ESXi virtualization technology. Their users can use SSD or SATA data storage or combine both storage services and divide workloads between them. The data is hosted on a storage area network that features built-in protection against service failure and data loss. All Public Cloud Servers feature unmetered data transfer with no egress fees for incoming and outgoing internet traffic. Public Cloud users can use any Linux OS distribution or a Windows Server. A variety of open-source server...

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